We are:une folk association to constitute a ballet of dance of people and the traditional music, groups of dance the gold cane of people it was founded in 1998 What since its creation has dispatched and the main efforts given for the prosperity of people dance and the traditional music in the group of dance of Algerian folk also has the large professional list and the rich programme of studies of the participations national and international in much of folk festival of dance as in the festival of Algeria of the traditional habits and popular arts and in various demonstrations, then of in;serbia , Ukraine, Tunisia, and Morocco all the Algerian territory. Share and in all this festival we take the first place such as the best habits, the choreography and the best exposing of group. In order to illustrate and show the originality and the splendour of the Algerian cultural asset with all its artistic dimensions; our objectives are arts, boat of friend and serve the cause of peace and of non-violence, support the intangible heritage by forms of expression such as the dance, the music, the habits and the exposure, support our cultural inheritance, assemble the cultural level of the different representation by using research and the anthrene continual, maintain allies alive our traditions, spread and make known in the whole our life styles and bases our culture. We always believed that we could effectively add our contribution in order to draw aside the mutual Under, standing, respect and the love between all the people of the world also to sow seeds of the hope and peace. We can contribute by showing our culture to all the people of the world by cultural exchange we can draw aside the love and the respect, we are specialized in the Algerian folk dances and the traditional music and want to show us our cultural asset with all the people of the world, our folk Master of group of dance all kinds of dances and musics Algerian people of all the areas of Algeria (northern, southern, is, and Western) what are: allaoui, Nehari, and sfaifi, Tuareg and. That these main efforts devoted to our folk dance to group and of the objectives, we gained the large respect and consideration nationally and internationally. The musical support is local and the traditional instruments such as "Bendir, Derbouka, Gasba, Karkabou and the Drum" that all it of the instruments musical the traditional ones plays in forms of harmony of the our folklore which spectators of allow quality to be discovered and appreciate with faculties of different from our patrimonial cultural national. Dear Sir, I came requested with your great artistic direction excellence.welche to make high and to accept our folk group of dance to be taken part in your folk festival of dance, we are ready to make our the best and to spout out honor your festival and to show more the all people, participants and spectators of your festival the great business of the culture, the exposure, the dance of people and the traditional music of Algeria. We hope also expensive, which you will accept our request for acceptance of the youri participation is a great honor for us and the great contribution to our culture and Algerian people dance, and also with the culture of the world. We want to also inform you that our folk group is ready to take part and to make any better sound in your sizeable festival and entirely with your service any hour. We are interested much to have later information on your group for participle or Algerian festival. I request to send the photographic material, it video and the following history with the


MR :      Meliani sidi Mohamed el amine

MOBILE :   +213793981460

FAX   :      +00213 48544934








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