danse aalaoui


allaoui is the male dance most known in the city sidi bel abbes : instruments used with (bandir_darbouka _ gallal_gasba).
The dancers hold with the hand a rifle or a cane; the shoulders and the feet are the requested parts of the body. Le(s) player to bendir and the dancers from the beginning agree on the combinations of the rate/rhythm to carry out (l-Hsab) to harmonize the blows perfectly to be marked by ground with the feet according to intervals' which the players to bendir carry out. These blows are measurements made up of precise numbers, intervals calculated between the blows on bendir them and the blows that dancers carry out simultaneously.
Each blows and each interval has a name: bunt (a blow), sbaysiya (three blows), eraychiya (blows of which the number depends on the continuation on the first two measurements, successive and separated by an interval marked by a vacuum (xewyal ]). The simultaneity of the blows on bendir them and the movements of the bodies of the dancers is the rule of the game. A rigorous discipline is observed in these roles without any right to the error. Alternatives of this dance can be carried out according to fast rates'/rhythms' (for example: the nhari and the menguchi).

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